About Me

Hi! I’m Dhara, the founder of Cocoa Petite. I started this company in 2021 after leaving a job working for a well-known chocolatier and pastry chef in Los Angeles. While I was at that job, I experienced daily verbal  harassment along with several other female employees. We ultimately ended up quitting, and walked out together on the same day!                                                                   
One of my goals in creating Cocoa Petite has been to create an alternative model that is woman-run, inclusive, and empowering. Verbal and sexual abuse is rampant in the food and beverage industry. As a woman I experienced both, frequently, and was told by my superiors “That’s just how it is.” These experiences led to anxiety, stress, pain, and a deep sadness that I couldn’t                                             change the system.                                                                                                          
After a particularly rough day at work, I started experimenting with CBD for the first time. These CBD chocolates helped me clear my mind, ease my pain, and take control of my situation. These are perfect for anyone in need of a little relief…Or a little empowerment. And, of course, they are delicious!

I hope you enjoy these sweets as much as I do, and they make you as strong as they’ve made me.
Lots of love, Dhara.